What are the goals of FedEx with Tradeshift?  Does this apply to me?

What is the scope of the e-invoicing project?

FedEx will use Tradeshift to receive Invoices and Credit Notes starting from 04/02/2019. ...

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Will this be rolled out to all suppliers?

We are taking steps Country by Country to make this the only medium via which we will receive invoices in the future. Countries currently available for e-invoicing: Belgium Poland Singapore Hong Kong Spain Austria Estonia Latvia Lithuania Denmark Fin ...

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As a supplier, what are my benefits of using Tradeshift?

Faster invoice processing times Real-time invoice monitoring and communication Upfront validation of invoices Cost and time savings ...

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What is FedEx trying to achieve with regards to e-invoicing and why?

FedEx has taken a strategic decision to move away from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing.  We are committed to ensure timely and efficient payment for the goods and services you provide to us whilst driving environmental sustainability through ...

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