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Welcome to the FedEx e-invoicing platform

To continue driving our efforts towards environmental sustainability, FedEx has taken a strategic decision to transition to e-invoicing. Going forward, all suppliers will be required to provide their invoices electronically via the Tradeshift platform.

This free e-invoicing platform allows you, as suppliers, to seamlessly submit invoices electronically. It offers multiple integration solutions and a fast online web user interface to suit suppliers of all sizes.

The onboarding teams will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to electronic invoicing. Via the new e-invoicing platform, you will have complete visibility of your invoice status and get paid on time.

Once you’re logged in, FedEx’s dedicated Support page will provide you with further guidance.

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Benefits of using Tradeshift

Tradeshift increases invoicing accuracy and improves visibility to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform.


Send free invoices

Create invoices that are simple and professional quickly and easily



Environmentally friendly invoicing



Visibility into the invoicing process

E-invoicing with FedEx

From today, for the countries listed below, Tradeshift e-invoicing will be the only way for you to submit invoices to FedEx. You can do so either through this online interface or by integrating the platform straight into your accounting software. The set-up is free and only takes a couple of minutes. For starting e-invoicing with Tradeshift, we ask that you wait to receive a registration email from Tradeshift before beginning the onboarding process. If you create an account without following the link in the registration email, it may cause delays in your account.

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France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Hong Kong New Zealand South Africa
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Japan Singapore UAE
Sweden United Kingdom

We look forward to working with you on the new e-invoicing platform.

At FedEx, we value the relationships with our suppliers. We are committed to automating and streamlining our procure-to-pay processes to support operational efficiency and enable faster and on-time invoice payments.

FedEx Validation Rules

Validation rules have been set up by FedEx to reduce the number of queries relating to invoices which can delay payments.

These rules ensure that all necessary information is included on your invoices.

Details of the rules for FedEx can be found here:

Credit Notes

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