TRADESHIFT - System Status:

The platform is experiencing some issues - we are very sorry about it. Our engineers are already working on stabilizing the system. If you would like to get live updates on the status please subscribe on our status page here.

Important change in the FedEx invoicing process

FedEx has recently made a strategic decision to discontinue its usage of the Tradeshift ‘e-invoicing’ platform. We are aware that you are currently using the service to send your invoices to FedEx.

As we work towards a more strategic way of working and harmonising our invoice paying processes, we ask that you amend any invoicing processes that currently utilise the Tradeshift platform.

After 9 December 2022 FedEx will no longer be able to receive or accept invoices via the Tradeshift ‘e-invoicing’ channel.

We look forward to receiving your invoices via the right mailbox until further notice.

You will need to submit all invoices relating to goods and services provided to FedEx via email (see table below)

Kind regards,

Jan- Hein Louwman

Vice President Accounting & Controls

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Action Required - Effective immediately

You will need to submit all invoices relating to goods and services provided to FedEx via email to:

Austria Latvia Hong Kong India
Belgium Lithuania Japan UAE
Bulgaria Cyprus Malaysia South Africa
Luxembourg Netherlands Australia

Czech Republic Norway Singapore

Denmark Poland New Zealand

Estonia Portugal

Finland Romania

France Slovakia

Germany Slovenia

To ensure correct and timely payment, all your invoices must reference:

  • The correct FedEx Legal Entity name

  • The Purchase Order number

  • The General Ledger (GL) account code and cost center – if available

  • The email address of the FedEx requester (a contact person responsible on FedEx side for the invoiced purchases)

  • The project ID, contract number

Without this information, invoices cannot be processed timely by the Accounts Payable team.

If this message has not reached the correct contact for your company, e-mail your legal company name and the correct contact email to:

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